Blue OG Cannabis

Blue OG

Coastal Farms offers Blue OG, a beautiful cross of Blueberry, Blue Moonshine and a potent Kush/Thai Indica hybrid.  It’s compact height makes this plant easy to grow in any space.  Despite it’s short height, the yields are great. An excellent plant for both flower and producing extracts.  It’s floral notes consist of forest, fruits and a hint of lime.

Cinderella 99 cannabis at Coastal Farms

Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99 is the perfect blend of Jack Herer and Haze.  This combination created an exotic taste and a quick flowering period. This strain puts most in a happy, motivated state.  A pleasure to grow.

OG 13 Cannabis at Coastal Farms

OG 13

OG 13 was created from a blend of Thai, Pakistani, and Diesel.  This is another high quality strain with short flowering time.  It produces compact, resinous buds and requires very low maintenance for an OG.  It’s aroma and taste is fruity with diesel undertones.  Great for relaxation.

Coastal Farms Cannabis Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is an amazing plant. Perfect for sea of green growing techniques, this staple is a favorite here at Coastal Farms.  The flavors of lemon combined with other fruits produce an intense high. Recently tested at 19.28% THC.  This is one of the best yielding plants in the cannabis industry.  With it’s medium height, ease of cultivation and short flowering period, it can be cultivated by even novice growers.  Massive, heavy, compact flowers provide a strong lemony aroma and taste.

Gigabud Cannabis at Coastal Farms


Gigabud is a cross between Northern Lights and Big Bud.  With strong Indica origins, it’s effects provide a long lasting relaxation, perfect for medicinal use.

Pineapple Express #2 at Coastal Farms

Pineapple Express #2

Pineapple Express #2 is highly resistant to excess moisture and is perfect for hostile growing environments.  It features a quick flowering time of approximately 45-50 days.  It’s flowers are big, bulky and covered in resin.  This indica dominant strain has tastes of lemon, pine and spices.

White Critical from Coastal Farms

White Critical

White Critical is the cross of White Widow and Critical.  With a short flowering period of 55 days, this is an easy to grow hybrid that’s sure to please.  Produces dense, resinous buds with yields between 450 – 500g/m2.  A fruity aroma and flavor combined with amazing floral notes… It’s effects are euphoric, motivating and inspiring.

Royal Kush Cannabis at Coastal Farms

Royal Kush

A hybrid created by crossing Afghan #1 with Skunk #1.  It features top shelf quality with massive yields.  The aroma is kushy with hints of skunk as well as fine notes of sandalwood and spices.  It’s long lasting, strong and mental, straight into deep relaxation.

Skunk #1 Cannabis at Coastal Farms

Skunk #1

Skunk #1 is a legend, created from a blend of Acapulco Gold Mexican Sativa, Afghan and Colombian Gold Sativa.  This strain features abundant yields, vigor and fast satisfying results.  The plant produces strong stalks and branches, and as a result, it has dense, rounded florets that join together to form large, heavy colas.  Finishes in about 50 days.  An icon of consistency and reliability, its solid genotype has had an influence on hundreds of modern hybrids.

Coastal Farms produces premium quality clones with the strongest root development possible.  We are big believers in the old saying “As below, so above”!  With an aggressive root system, your plants will better adapt to your growing medium of choice with less transplant shock.  Your quality and yields will be greater and you can kick these plants into the flowering cycle right away.  We use only organic pest control, as we feel this is the right approach when producing a plant for medicinal purposes. Our clones are fully hardened and ready to produce.